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ISO 31000 Risk Management Training Course

Risk Management System Training Course : ISO 31000

A practical and engaging program suited to anyone looking to lift their game in Risk Management. This training has been developed by industry-leading experts and is based on global standards and best practices. Our Risk Management course includes recent developments in risk management.

Providing you with a broad range of skills, techniques, and templates, this training will enable you to develop an easy-to-maintain, comprehensive and user-friendly Risk Management framework. Learn how to protect your organization by means of feasible preventative controls and impact-reducing response procedures. In fact, during the course, you will actually create part of your organization’s risk matrix, a feature that our clients consider to be excellent take-away value.

If you’re keen to tap into the world’s best hands-on techniques for Risk Management, as well as certify your skills, join this program and obtain a global certification with included ISO 31000 exam.



  • Learn about various Risk Assessment methodologies based on best practice case studies
  • Understand how to integrate risk management into everyday processes and create a ‘risk culture’
  • Learn how to simplify Risk Management documentation such as risk registers and risk matrices, and identify requirements for Risk Management tools
  • Receive expert guidance whilst documenting parts of an actual risk matrix during the course



  • Approaches, methods, and techniques used for Risk Management implementation and ongoing management
  • The correlation between ISO 31000 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, and risk treatment options
  • Negotiating risk appetite levels related to compliance risk, financial risk, innovation risk, operational risk and other types of risk that are specific to your organization
  • Overcoming the challenges of creating awareness, buy-in, and engagement in Risk Management across your organization



  • Anyone directly or indirectly involved in Risk Management processes or projects – in any industry, and in any size organization
  • Organizations seeking well-founded and justifiable risk mitigation measures.
  • Anyone seeking to understand how to implement RM or aiming for a career in this globally growing field
  • Anyone working in Risk, Security, Supply Chain, Business Continuity or related management processes seeking to expand their knowledge on Risk Management;



  • Master-level ISO 31000 Risk Management certified consultant trainer
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management certification exam
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management certification with the TNV Certification (USA)
  • Printed handouts, course materials and templates
  • A preparation exam
  • Interactive discussions with experts and fellow course participants
  • All-day catering