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Past Events

Event Title Event Date Location Organizer Download
CME on ABO- Incompatible Kidney Transplant- RTIICS Experience & Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound in Gastroenterology 2018-Jan-22 Kathmandu, Nepal Explore Health - EPCC
Arab Health-2018 2018-Jan-29 Dubai, UAE Informa Markets
India Heals Buyers Seller Meet 2020-Jan-30 Cochi, Kerela, India Govt. of India, SEPC, CII
Grand Walkathon Program at Kidney Day 2018-Mar-08 Kathmandu & Butwal (Nepal) Explore Health - EPCC
IMEX Frankfurt 2019 2019-May-21 Frankfurt, Germany IMEX USA
Business Continuity Management Training 2019-May-25 Sydney EPCC, TNV, JAS-AAS
CME on Liver Transplant and Bone Marrow Transplant 2018-May-28 Chitwan, Nepal Explore Health - EPCC
3rd International Conference and Expo on Holistic Medicine and Nursing 2018-Jul-25 Vancouver, Canada EPCC - Conference Series
PECB Insight Conference and Anti Bravery Management System 2017-Jul-29 Montreal, Canada PECB
Medical Tourism Asia Expo – 2018 2018-Aug-06 Kathmandu, Nepal EPCC - NEMTO
International Business Conference and Expo 2018-Aug-16 Basel, Switzerland EPCC
CPHI Korea 2019 2019-Aug-21 Seoul, South Korea CPHI
9th Global Summit on Agriculture & Horticulture 2017-Oct-06 Beiging, China EPCC, Govt of China
Advantage Healthcare India- 2017 2017-Oct-12 BIEC, Bengaluru, India SEPC, FICCI
Advantage India Healthcare- 2019 2019-Nov-13 Greater Noida, India FICCI, SEPC, CII
CME on Liver Transplant & Medical Oncology Workshop 2017-Nov-20 Kathmandu, Nepal Explore Health - EPCC
African Medical Tourism Congress 2020 2020-Nov-20 Tunisia EPCC - AMTC
Global Exhibition on Services 2019-Nov-26 Cochi, Kerela, India SEPC, CII, EPCC
2nd Medical Tourism Asia Summit 2019-Nov-27 Kathmandu, Nepal EPCC - NEMTO
Advantage Healthcare India- 2018 2018-Dec-04 Greater Noida Expo Centre, India EEPC, SEPC, FICCI
The GEM Expo- Canada 2017-Jul-28 Hyatt Regency, Toronto, Canada EPCC GLOBAL
2nd Holistic Medicine & Nursing Meeting 2017 2017-Aug-14 Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport, Toronto EPCC GLOBAL
3rd Global Summit on Herbals & Traditional Medicine 2017-Aug-18 Osaka, Japan EPCC GLOBAL
3rd Global Food Security & Sustainability Conference 2018-May-21 Toronto, Canada EPCC GLOBAL